Joe Cole blames Chelsea star for Youri Tielemans goal

Jorginho was at fault for Leicester City’s winning goal.

Youri Tielemans’ stellar long-range goal secured Leicester City’s first-ever FA Cup trophy.

Former Chelsea player Joe Cole blasted Jorginho for his failure to close down Tielemans’ shot quickly enough.

Cole has asked Tuchel to reconsider his midfield position ahead of the Champions League final against Manchester City later this month.

‘There are holes in this games and that’s one of them,’ said Cole.

‘He knew he didn’t have the legs to get there, so he’s trying to dictate to people around him.

‘There will always be frailties. I’m not worried about in the week when he gave the ball away [for Arsenal’s goal] because that’s very rare, but that happens a lot in his game.

‘I think now Thomas Tuchel when he’s thinking about the Champions League final, you can’t leave Phil Foden or Riyad Mahrez in that situation, you’ve got to get out there.

‘I don’t want to take anything away from the strike, but from a Chelsea performance and a defensive perspective, if you’re playing that role, first and foremost before anything you do with the ball you’ve got to stop that from happening, and he didn’t do that tonight.

‘Tuchel’s got a big decision, not only Tuesday night [against Leicester] but in the Champions League final. Jorginho’s a fabulous player on the ball but there are holes in his game.’


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