Jamie Carragher Gives Brutal Feedback To Kepa

Jamie Carragher gives an absolutely brutal verdict on Blues goalkeeper Kepa.

He hasn’t spared any mercy for Kepa.

“Chelsea will go no further unless they change the goalkeeper,” said Carragher.

“I know they keep buying a lot of attackers but you see how many goals they have conceded. I think a lot of that is down to the goalkeeper, if I am being totally honest.

“It is an area that – if they want to compete with Liverpool and Manchester City – they will have to rectify in the summer.”

Chelsea has conceded the most goals in Premier League this season, after Norwich City – who got relegated finally.

“It is another shocking goal for Chelsea to give away,” said Carragher. “They don’t deal with the first ball and they don’t react to the second one. 

“They are the worst team in the Premier League that I have seen defending corners.

“They have changed system at various times – man-marking and zonal. Whatever they have tried does not seem to work.”

“This is a massive problem for Chelsea,” said Carragher.

“They have got to sort this out. Yes, Werner is coming in. Ziyech from Ajax. There is talk of Kai Havertz as well, an attacking player. It gets supporters excited but it means nothing if you do not sort out that back four – that back three and certainly that goalkeeper.”

It’s true that Chelsea is focusing a bit too much on attacking, but without proper defense – the attacking side won’t make much difference.

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