Italian journalist claims Chelsea are not a 'mad sacking club' and defends Abramovich

Marcotti claims Chelsea will not sack Sarri if he manages to secure a top-four finish

According to journalist Gabriele Marcotti, Chelsea are not a ‘mad sacking club’ despite boasting of an infamous record of managerial instability, with the Italian claiming that owner Roman Abramovich is not the same man that he was 10 years back.

Sarri’s stubborn philosophy and the decision to play N’Golo Kante out of position has evoked immense criticism in recent weeks due to the team’s lacklustre performances, with many fearing that the manager was under borrowed time at Stamford Bridge following the team’s 4-0 humiliation against Bournemouth.

Marcotti, however, has dismissed such claims and the Italian believes that Chelsea will put their trust in Sarri for the upcoming season if he manages to finish in the top-four.

“In [Sarri’s] mind, he’s not having a meltdown,” he told ESPN FC.

“This business about Chelsea being this incredibly impatient club, certainly Sarri’s been at more or just as impatient clubs in the past, but it’s also kind of a myth.

“The last two managers Chelsea went through, [Antonio] Conte and [Jose] Mourinho, Conte effectively sacked himself and Mourinho got the whole club in all sorts of legal issues and the brink of the relegation zone.

“Before that, you actually go through it and don’t count the interim coaches and all that nonsense, and you see that actually, Chelsea are not this mad sacking club, Abramovich is in a different place and time in his life right now, I don’t think he’s the same guy as he was 10 years ago.”

“The one thing that Chelsea really emphasise is understood is that this was a massive sea change going from Conte and Mourinho to Sarri,” he said.

“He alluded to it in his press conference today. It’s a very different way of playing.

“They haven’t been able to change the whole squad so he’s had to take the time to go and get his ideas across to his players, and the club understood that and said: ‘look, all we ask for you this season is get back in the Champions League, we don’t think that’s too big an ask.’ And really it isn’t too big an ask.

“‘That’s the minimum goal and take the time that you need as long as you hit that goal.’ They still feel that they’re on track to hit that goal.”

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