Is Lampard the correct man to lead Chelsea

When Chelsea appointed Frank Lampard as the head coach in the summer, it turned quite a few heads. 

The Blues had lost their best player in Eden Hazard and their coach Maurizio Sarri and had been slapped with a transfer ban for two windows. It was nothing short of a crisis at West London.

To make matters worse for Chelsea, their hire and fire policy on managers meant that no reputed boss wanted to touch the hot seat at the Bridge with even a 10 foot pole.

It was at this crucial moment, that the Blues turned to one of their own in Frank Lampard.

The Blues seemed to have caved in to the fact that a season would be lost since they had no players of calibre but Lampard brought in a wave of young players from the academy and gave them the chance.

The young kids delivered and Lampard’s genius was praised as the Bridge rejoiced. However, with passing time it can be seen that Lampard will need more than the kids to get Chelsea back to the top.

With the transfer ban now overturned, he will surely be allowed to get a few big names in. However, with his tactical acumen in the game still in the young side, is he the right man to coach Chelsea or was it simply a factor of good feeling that gave Chelsea this mini-dream run?

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