Is Hazard leaving?

Chelsea may or may not lose Eden Hazard this summer. While most fans have resigned to the fact that he is going, Pat Nevin has given some hopeful update over his future.

“Can I say one thing on that? I thought for quite a long time that Eden Hazard definitely is going to Real Madrid, I thought for quite a long time,” Nevin told The Totally Football Show.

“I was staying at the Chelsea hotel last night. I walked out of Chelsea on the way here this morning and I met somebody who I won’t name at the club.

“And I said: ‘Of course, with Eden going…’ and he looked at me and he went: ‘you think so?’.

And I did not expect that reaction from that person, that specific person.

“Cause we’ve all kind of accepted that he’s going, so you don’t know.

“I mean, to be fair, if I was [Real] I’d be trying to get [Kylian] Mbappe more than Hazard, but you might not be able to get him, that’s the one I’d be looking for.

“Anyway, the rebuild at Real Madrid, it is monumental, it’s massive.”

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