INTERVIEW: Kovavic enjoying life in London

Mateo Kovacic has permanently been with Chelsea, after being on loan from Real Madrid. 

He now talks about his current life in London as permanent member of the Blues on Chelsea’s official website.

‘Maybe it is because I have signed here [permanently] so now I am more calm,’ he told Chelsea, which is out now. ‘Because last year was a loan, it was maybe more difficult to prove myself, but this year I feel a lot better because I had one year’s adaptation and now I am feeling good.

‘The guys are amazing, the staff are really good and my family is happy. It is really important to me that my family feels good and for now everything is amazing so we are enjoying everything about London and Chelsea, it’s really nice.’

‘The country suits me because the weather is not so hot,’ he admitted. ‘That’s always important because when I trained in Madrid it was a little bit difficult, always 30 degrees. It was tough sometimes to train but here the climate is amazing so I’m enjoying it a lot.

‘I’m used to this weather because I lived in Austria and was raised there, and the weather is the same. For training it is amazing. Maybe for our families it’s not so good but for us players, it’s good!’

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