Ian Wright suggests Chelsea to buy Kante replacement this summer

N’Golo Kante has been immensely successful at Chelsea.

The Blues will struggle to find potential suitors in the transfer market this summer under the new ownership.

But the club needs a major overhaul in certain areas mainly in the midfield and defence line.

Ian Wright feels Chelsea needs an immediate replacement for Kante in this summer.

Wright told Premier League Productions: “What’s going to happen with Chelsea next season? Without an owner who used to just write off £100million every year.

“Is the new owner going to be able to do that? Because that’s how they’ve been able to do what they have been doing.

“How’s that going to happen now? They need defenders, they’re going to need defenders.

“Kante’s starting to get a little bit of injuries, so they’re going to need to replace him. What’s happening with [Romelu] Lukaku?

“It’s just crazy what’s happening at Chelsea. I can’t really put my finger on it deep down. But form’s gone, you see some of the games they’ve had, they’ve been so poor in the games.”


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