Hudson-Odoi suffers horrible embarrassment

Callum Hudson-Odoi suffered the ultimate embarrasment in football yesterday.

The young English winger has been brought into the main foray in football by Thomas Tuchel. Yesterday, he was given a rest and brought on from the bench at half-time as Chelsea were trailing 1-0 at St.Mary’s to change the scoreline.

However, an insipid performance from CHO, saw an angry Tuchel take him 30 minutes later with the scores tied at 1-1.

“We brought in Hudson but with Hudson I was not happy with the energy and attitude in counter-pressing,” Tuchel told BT Sport. “So we decided to take him off again because we demand a lot.

“We demand 100% and I had a feeling he was not right in this shape where he can help us. It’s a decision for today, it’s a hard decision I know for the player to come on and off. But tomorrow it’s forgotten and he has all possibility to start against Atletico.”

“I was not happy with his body language, his attitude with the ball and I feel he is not ready to give the energy.

“We not only had possession but good possession in the opponent half, in the last 20 metres we lacked quality and that is the truth. We lacked determination, aggressiveness and more one on one chances. We controlled 80 metres, all counter attacks and when you control the match like this and you need a penalty to score, you see the problem is clear.

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