Hudson-Odoi shares opinion about Lampard's fine system

Callum-Hudson Odoi states that he is unfazed by the fine system given by Frank Lampard.

The subject made the news not long ago when a list was released on Twitter of different money related punishments for Chelsea players in the event that they defy the norms this season.

“We have a couple of fines where it’s very strict and we have to stick by it,” says Hudson-Odoi. 

“But even if there weren’t fines we would still be on point. All of us are on time with everything we do. If there is a fine we pay it, but we don’t really think about it.

“[Lampard] is hard on me, but it’s in a good way because he wants me to improve and keep getting better. The manager’s very strict on me but it’s always for a better cause.”’

“He wants to win in the best way, not just the result but with the best performance as well,” Hudson-Odoi adds.

“He told me at half-time ‘Cal, you can do a couple of things better’. He was a bit critical but what he did was helpful because now I’m trying to listen to him a bit more.”

“He was telling me to get into more pockets [of space], run in behind defenders, make different angles. I was listening to him and thinking ‘When you go out in the second half, try and do that’. I tried much more and it was working, I was getting opportunities from it, so I’ve just got to keep listening and I’ll improve.”

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