Sky Sports journalist Dharmesh Seth has said that Hudson-Odoi and his agents will come to a decision soon and he has revealed why that would be.

“A question that has been asked is: Could get Bayern get him this month?” he said on the Transfer Talk podcast. “It’s a transfer window, anything is possible. But what’s more likely is I think Chelsea will use the next five months to try convince him to stay.”

“In the summer, he’ll have 12 months left on his contract. And Chelsea by then could still, probably not demand as high a fee as they could now, but they could still demand a fee that would be acceptable to them.”

“It’s not a situation like Jadon Sancho had at Man City, like that Ibrahim Diaz had at Man City. City were hamstrung. They had six months left on their contracts, they couldn’t really do anything.”

“The big danger, and this is the option that Chelsea will not want to see come to fruition, is that Hudson-Odoi stays until the summer and decides in the summer, ‘You know what? I’m not going to go anywhere. I’m going to hang around for a year.’”

“And then in January, he can sign a pre-contract agreement with, potentially with Bayern, go there for free in the summer. And the he could actually, probably, demand more money because there won’t be a transfer fee involved.”

“He could sit tight for another year and leave for free next summer. That’s one thing Chelsea want to avoid. I think something will come to a head. The movements will start happening now, but something will come to a head in the summer. Either will he stay? Or he’ll end up going.”

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