How 18 year old Billy Gilmour tamed the Champions of Europe

Chelsea ended up beating Liverpool last night in the fifth round of the FA Cup, knocking them out of the Cup with a 2-0.

And a big reason for that was Billy Gilmour, the Chelsea starlet. The 18-year old showed immense composure and fighting spirit to not only keep up with the Liverpool stars but actually boss the midfield. And Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard was quick to take note of Gilmour’s brilliant display.

Frank’s analysis of Billy’s performance last night was spot on. 

“What an incredible performance for a young player,” Lampard told BBC Sport. “He was a calm head in that first five or 10 minutes.

“He’s a throwback of a midfielder. Can you put your foot in? Yes. Can you make angles to play the passes? Yes. He’s only slight in stature but he’s huge in personality.

“He deserves people to talk about him after a performance like that.”

Gilmour’s display last night had a lot of swiftness on the pitch. Lampard is right – although of a small build, Gilmour doesn’t play small. He played big last night – even tackling Sadio Mane! Further, towards the end of the match, he managed to bamboozle Fabinho, who has been brilliant for the Reds defensively. 

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  1. I was really impressed by this young star last night,,,, I may say Chelsea are lucky to have such good players


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