Higuain a different man: Sarri

Maurizio Sarri has claimed that Gonzalo Higuain has grown out of his frustrating spell at Chelsea.

“Gonzalo is a great player who had spent a difficult season,” Sarri said of the former Napoli forward, who is expected to have recovered from a head injury in time to face Torino on Saturday.

“This summer, I saw him train with an exceptional level of motivation. In London, I had heard some comments by him that I hadn’t liked at all, but now it’s all to the contrary, which meant something had changed in his mind. And when he has high motivation, he is a very important player.”

“I’ve honestly never thought or spoken about it very much. I prefer it when referees make their own decisions on the pitch. This is a strictly personal opinion,” he said.

“Rules are different now and not all of them are agreeable, including, for instance, the latest specifics on handball, about which, to be honest, despite trying to read many times, I don’t much understand.

“We have to comply with these rules. Even in everyday life, there are many rules I consider absurd, but I can’t make myself go to prison by violating them. These are rules we have to respect.

“If you ask me if I like it, I’d say no. It was brought in to right macroscopic wrongs, but if you need VAR four times per game, I guess it’s impossible to make four big mistakes per match. In the rest of Europe, VAR usage is much more limited.”

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