It is safe to say Eden Hazard has dropped more hints about wanting to play for Real Madrid than the number of goals he has scored this season.

Only a few weeks ago, when asked by France Football if he would like to go, his response was honest and candid: “Why not? You know it very well. You’re asking the question, but you know what the answer will be so you don’t have to ask it.”

He feels he has achieved all he can. “I’ve won everything in England, apart from the Community Shield, but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving. I’ve always said that I wanted to explore something different after England but there are also things that might make me stay. After the World Cup, I wanted to leave, but in the end I stayed at Chelsea and I’m playing one of the best seasons so far.”

It was clear he was waiting to make up his mind and it now would see that he has. In a recent interview he was quoted telling RMC: “I know what I am going to do. I have made a decision.”

Hold your breath Chelsea fans, the winger has left us guessing just like the hundreds of defenders he played against.

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  1. Take the new contract Chelsea, wants to offer you boy. It doesn’t mean going to Madrid you gonna become a New Ronaldo. Don’t let go to the bird in your hand for the one on the fence. It’s a proven fact. Your blessed at Chelsea. Stay calm, and just score goals.


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