Hasselbaink hails Lampard and Terry

What was it about the old guard in Chelsea which the club sorely misses today? Leaders.

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has opened up on how the old guard boys like Frank Lampard and John Terry were leaders for the team.

He said: “They have both got leadership. Frank is a lot quieter. JT was more vocal but you could see that he was a leader.

“You would always think JT would become a manager but Frank was a leader in his own right, not as vocal but always doing the right thing. Always leading forward, always taking people with him but more in a quieter way.

“They both have got that quality of being a leader and they both have won a lot in this game so they can give that experience to their players.”

“I think at the beginning of the season the remit was to be in the Champions League. They’ve done that. That was always the objective, they had to be in the Champions League.”

“They could not be two years in a row out of the Champions League, they’ve done that. They were in the final of the League Cup, they lost on penalties.”

“They are in the Europa League final. If they win that, it’s been a magnificent season. If they lose that, it’s been a good season.”

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