Has Lampard's love for Mourinho changed?

Frank Lampard has talked openly about how his relationship with his former coach is, now he has turned from a player into a manager.

He admits that it is not the same affection he had previously shared when he was a Chelsea player under Mourinho’s reign. Now he has to face Mourinho on the pitch together – but there is still a great deal of respect that Lampard has.

Lampard said: “No, our relationship after working together, I was a player and he was a manager obviously, it changes.

“It changes, once that happens and I move on it changes. It has not changed in any way [since].

“I wished him well and he wished me well when I got the job so no we are very amicable and respectful of each other. We just want our teams to win.

“I’ve been up against him twice as a manager. I’ve got huge respect for him and I’ve just been caught up in the idea of how we’re going to win this game.

“He’s a manager who is hugely talented. His medals and trophies speak for themselves.

“I’ve got respect for him but I’m not considering as much the personal and individual battle between me and him. I’m just trying to get my team out there to win the game.”

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