Graham Potter reveals what he discovered about Mason Mount

Graham Potter is giving regular games to Mason Mount and showing full faith in the 23-year-old.

Chelsea manager Graham Potter has been impressed by Mount’s ability and effort. He is the only outfield player to start each match since the arrival of the former Brighton boss. He showed his faith in the midfielder.

The 23-year-old attacker has netted 32 goals and provided 36 assists. The Cobham product even has Champions League, Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup medals to his name. It’s a record even Frank Lampard can’t compete with in his first three seasons with the club.

Potter believes a lot of the England international’s qualities are hidden from view, despite his productivity and the fact he has twice won the Chelsea player of the Season award.

“I think it’s his personality as much as his football ability,” said the 47-year-old.

“He enjoys the game, loves the game, loves the club, loves his teammates, wants to win, wants to improve, is open-minded, prepared to suffer, prepared to do the ugly side of the game. Then he has the quality to be the match winner that he was at the weekend, but the other stuff, I think, is the stuff below the water, below the iceberg. That’s what maybe you don’t recognise or see with him, but he is a top person, a top professional.”

“I would say love for the game, love for his teammates, love for the club. I think he loves to play football. You can’t measure that,” comes Potter’s reply.

Potter finds it peculiar that some may doubt Mount’s ability and acknowledges that during his time at Brighton, Mount was a concern to prepare for.

He added: “It’s part of life. Everyone is welcome to their opinions, and that’s fine. From my perspective, as an outsider, whenever we played against Chelsea, you were always concerned about Mason.

“For his quality. You can see it. If you give him a second or too much space, he can hurt you with his qualify, and his executions are fantastic. But once you start to work with him, you see the person, you see how much he loves this football club. How much he loves his teammates, how much he is prepared to do the nasty, ugly side of the game that sometimes players of his level don’t do.

“In terms of working hard for the team, covering back. In terms of pressing, in terms of defensive transition, covering ground, He does all that stuff, and on top of that, he has the quality I think is there. He is still a young player, and it is hard to continually score and assist in the Premier League at any age, but as a young player, he will get better and better. He is really exciting. I am excited for his future.”

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