Graham Potter appreciates Chelsea's heavy spending this summer

Chelsea have spent a staggering £270 million in the transfer window.

New owner Todd Boehly has spent almost £270 million in this summer window and are the highest spenders in the Premier League.

In total, an enormous £1.9 billion was spent by Premier League clubs this summer and has outspent the La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A combined.

After the sack of Thomas Tuchel, Graham Potter was hired as the new Chelsea coach.

His former club Brighton and Hove Albion has spent only £40 million this summer which is a huge contrast to what Chelsea has shelled out.

Potter has labelled the Premier League spending this year as ‘insane’.

“When I hear that figure, there are two things that automatically pop in: A, it’s an obscene amount of money in the real world,” said Potter.

“And, B, there’s a lot of money coming in tax revenue at a time when it sounds like we need every bit we can get.

“That money is coming in and if it is being spent then presumably that money is going into the exchequer somewhere. That’s a positive. But clearly, the number is insane.”


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