Gonzalo Higuain Very Quickly Made Aware Of Difference Between Premier League And Serie A

Gonzalo Higuain has just featured in the last 2 Premier League games for Chelsea and he has already noticed some distinct changes from his time at the Serie A.

The Argentine striker scored a brace in Saturday’s 5-0 thrashing of Huddersfield Town and said, “I can see there is a change from the Italian league because here the defenders go into you harder, especially when you receive the ball to feet. This is a big difference, but I have got a good impression of English football and as I gradually get to know my team-mates it will only get better for me.”

“When I was growing up I watched all of the different leagues, but especially lately you see a lot more of the Premier League so I knew about it before I came here. I think it’s a very fascinating league and also the way they play here in England — with a lot of dynamism — is really great.”

“The stadiums are full, there’s a great atmosphere, so this is something very nice for the players and in the streets you can go about your day very calmly, very relaxed. You don’t have to worry about many things and this is important for the players because it actually allows you live life like an ordinary person.”

The Blues fans were delighted to see the former Real Madrid man score with two stunning efforts on goal at Stamford Bridge.

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