Gilmour: It was like training with the stars

Billy Gilmour has revealed what it was like to enter the Chelsea first-team training the first time around. 

It was back under Maurizio Sarri that Gilmour was allowed a few times to train with the first team players and the young Scottish midfielder was in awe of playing with the likes of Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas. 

“Cesc Fabregas was still there when I did two or three sessions with the first team and that was amazing because all the time growing up I had watched him, Andres Iniesta and Xavi.

“The first time I was a bit star-struck, thinking: ‘this is Cesc Fabregas, Eden Hazard.’ It was a bit surreal. It was amazing to even train with those sort of players, top professionals.

“You just sort of go over, say good morning, shake their hand and then after the session, I’d phone my dad… ‘I was training with Cesc Fabregas and Hazard!’ It was like being a kid again!”

Fabregas is a personal idol of Gilmour and it must have been a moment of great excitement for Gilmour back then. The young player has a cool head on his shoulder, much like Cesc and has very quickly realised which part of his game he needs to master on. 

“I’m not going to grow much more and being small, and not the biggest, it means I have to be technically really good, especially knowing where I am on the pitch and not getting into physical battles,” he added.

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