Gerrard opens up on infamous failed Chelsea transfer!

A Chelsea transfer from Liverpool for Steven Gerrard was all but done back in 2005!

Imagine how different things would have been had Gerrard signed for Chelsea! Back in 2005, Chelsea were the toughest competitors not just in Europe but probably all over Europe. 

They were signing whoever they wanted and winning whatever they wanted. Backed by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich as owner and the dynamic Jose Mourinho as a manager, Chelsea were prima donnas of world football. 

Signing Gerrard was the next plan for Jose after wrapping up the title in 2005. And the plan was all set to work and very much in motion until it collapsed at the last second. So what really happened? 

Let’s hear from the man himself!

“I think the Liverpool fans played a huge, massive part. My connection and my love for playing in front of them” said Gerrard.

“You know feeling like I belong to this city. I always want to be able to go back to Liverpool and take my little kids to the matches and take my family to the matches. I didn’t want to cause upset to them in any way.

“I have said it on many occasions, I think when a manager like Mourinho shows you the attention and he’s proved that he’s a manager that can win things it is always going to turn your head.

“Rightly or wrongly at the time, I believed I made the right decision. Speaking to the right people around me at the time I came to the decision where I wanted to stay at Liverpool.

“I realised that winning trophies would mean more to me than any other club not just Chelsea.”

All things done and said, the biggest gain Chelsea had from Gerrard’s failed signing was his infamous ‘slip’ in 2014!

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