Gary Neville Tells Lampard How To Get Kante To Stay At Chelsea

Gary Neville has slipped some advice to get N’Golo Kante to stay back at Stamford Bridge.

The 29 year old midfielder was speculated to secure a move away from Chelsea during the summer transfer window. However, since it didn’t work out, Gary Neville has urged Lampard to keep the midfielder at Chelsea.

“Kante playing in that holding position in a three in midfield, it’s where we always thought he should play,” Neville said during an appearance on Sky Sports.

“It’s a modern phenomenon to play a player in that position who is good on the ball. We’ve seen Xavi and Pirlo do it.

“But when you think of Fabinho, Fernandinho or Kante, that’s the classic player in that position.

“They read the danger, they break up attacks and they are a centre-backs’ dream.

“Playing Kante there would seem to be the logical conclusion in keeping him at the club.”

Many were taken aback when rumours of him leaving Chelsea in the summer surfaced.

He added: “When I saw reports over the summer that Jorginho was going to leave, I wasn’t surprised.

“When I saw reports over the summer that Kante might leave, I was shocked.

“I thought, ‘Frank, he is not a player you want to lose’.

“He is a unique player and every player in that squad must love him. He does that job brilliantly.”

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