Gary Neville claims his prediction was right about Lukaku

Gary Neville predicted Lukaku will be the top-scorer in the Premier League.

The Belgian forward has moved to Chelsea from Inter Milan last summer in hopes of reigniting his career in the Premier League.

He scored 24 goals in 36 appearances in the Serie A last season but managed to score just eight in 25 Premier League appearances this season.

He has since failed to live up to the expectations and Gary Neville predicted he would excel at Chelsea this season.

Earlier in August last year, Neville predicted the Belgian will score an ample amount of goals.

“I thought that was a no-brainier Lukaku. He didn’t work at (Manchester) United and I never thought he settled, in the style of play wise,”  Neville said on Monday Night Football.

“He went back to Italy and I thought Chelsea play a little bit like an Italian team, they don’t press from the front like Arsenal or (Manchester) City or other teams.

“It’s a more methodical team, that supply chances. I can’t believe how badly it’s gone for him.”


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  1. Lukaku was closely marked most of the time.
    Given the opportunity he can score. Certainly you can expect much fewer misses from Lukaku compared to Werner and fewer than Pulisic, if you think Werner is not a good comparison.
    But he was closely marked and not as fast as he needed to be.
    With Italian defenses it was easier and as we know the present Italian clubs are way below what they used to be in Europe.


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