Frank Leboeuf names ideal replacement for underfire Frank Lampard

Brendan Rodgers could take the Chelsea team back to the top.

The Blues are sitting at 8th place after 19 games and have lost five of their last eight Premier League outings.

That is not the kind of form you expect out of an apparent title-contender.

Lampard’s time at Stamford Bridge as a manager is seemingly coming to an end after just 18 months of being in charge.

‘Brendan Rodgers knows English football very well so I think he will be the perfect guy,’ Frank Leboeuf told ESPN FC.

‘Allegri knows Italian football, Tuchel knows German football and French football but they’re new in English football.

‘There is a very specific philosophy and mentality that you have to have to coach a team in England.

‘We can see talent is not enough, you need something special you need a team, you need stamina to keep on fighting every game. You need a character which is missing around Chelsea players right now.

‘Brendan Rodgers is fantastic and I would love to see him. ‘But it is premature, there is somebody that you have to respect, Frank Lampard is still in charge,’ he added.

‘I think Rodgers won’t come to Chelsea, I think it would be a complete betrayal towards the club and the fans because he just signed a long contract.


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