Chelsea manager Frank Lampard told to re-sign ex player
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According to Frank Lampard, Chelsea should “aspire” to reach Liverpool’s level in terms of consistency.

The Blues fell to a 1-2 defeat at home against the European Champions through goals from Trent Alexander-Arnold and Roberto Firmino.

N’Golo Kante squeezed in an effort in the 71st minute and Cesar Azpilicueta’s first-half goal was ruled out by VAR.

Overall, Chelsea showed a fair amount of grit and determination to go up against the might Liverpool. But as Frank Lampard, himself will explain, it was all up to the details.

“Against Liverpool you know can lose. They are a strong team and that can happen, but I expect the home win to come soon,” said the Chelsea manager. “The difference between us and Liverpool is that we have shown clearly today that we can compete with them, but we are not consistently as good as them and Manchester City week in, week out.

“To work towards those levels is hard. It’s a daily thing and that’s where we need to go now. The home win will come, hopefully, it comes very soon and it will bring confidence to everybody but we need to aspire to a level like Liverpool when they probably don’t play their best but they win the game.”

He continued, “Performance-wise, we deserved something from the game, particularly in the second half. But details lose you games. Firmino’s goal loses us that game because you can’t have a free header in our six-yard box.

“It’s hard to accept congratulations after a loss. We can’t be there – but the way we played in the second half is towards where we want to be.

“Energy, passion, moving the ball quickly, changing the play, getting crosses in the box, things that we work on. Half time, 2-0 down you could take it on the chin and say this team is too good that we can’t turn this around but we did the opposite which I’m proud of. But we need points too.

“I will take that second-half performance. It now needs to translate to points because that performance week in, week out is going to amass points and we need to do that and keep improving.”

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