Frank Lampard sheds light on his clash with Jose Mourinho

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard had a row with Spurs boss Jose Mourinho on Tuesday.

The duo clashed during their Carabao Cup match on Tuesday and Frank Lampard has dismissed Jose Mourinho’s claim that he was simply offering advice to his former player.

“I don’t think any remarks made on the touchline during a game can be called advice,” said Lampard.

“They can probably be wrapped up as advice after a game when you manage to get back in the game and win on penalties. So I don’t think that’s the case.

“I would always be happy to take advice not just from fellow managers, but also my players, my staff, people I respect and listen to in football, outside football, and in life. I think that’s what moulds you as a manager.

“So I don’t think that Jose incident was ever advice; it wasn’t that.

“I think on the line if you look like you are forced and trying to be what might be perceived as arrogant, for what that looks like, or trying to portray a character, I think that’s something that can become maybe not real, or maybe boring from the outside.

“I certainly don’t do that, I just react as I see fit in the game, in the competitive nature sometimes you can reflect and go ‘was that too much or not’. That’s fine.

“I don’t think people should expect to not get caught up in the excitement and that was just it. It was no big deal.”


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