Frank Lampard Is Ready For Chelsea To Face The Premier League Restart

Frank Lampard is eagerly anticipating the return of Chelsea to the Premier League.

Their first match is with Aston Villa on the 21st and the Blues boss is happy to finally have a date the team can aim at during training.

“We’re all excited. We were waiting to see when the games would be. I had presumed they would be in the same order, but the Manchester City game [which had been postponed due to the FA Cup quarter-finals] was of interest, where that was going to go,” the Blues boss said.

“It’s an extra game in week one, but more than anything we’re just excited to have confirmation of the dates. 

“We’ve been waiting for a date to work towards in terms of how we’re working in pre-season, so we are particularly happy to get the first date of the Aston Villa game. 

“Then we know the games are coming pretty quickly after that. It’s important we get our preparation right.”

The Chelsea team went back to training after a long break due to the coronavirus pandemic and the transition to training full-swing happened rapidly, and the players caught up.

“The transition from non-contact to contact was good,” Lampard added. “It had to happen. The players were excited to get in the big groups and train with contact. It has allowed us to work at a level that is much more relevant to match play.

“There have been challenges along the way, but that’s what football is. The players are getting fitter and we hope come Aston Villa we will be ready to go, with the mindset and the physical side of it to take on the games which are going to come thick and fast.”

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