Frank Lampard Does Not Want Conte Or Mourinho Frustrations During Transfer Window

Frank Lampard wants a big role than usual in Chelsea in recruiting players.

The Blues got their transfer ban lifted this month and will be allowed to sign players from January.

This obviously has opened up plenty of possibilities for Lampard to strengthen the squad. When asked who is taking the decisions about potential additions, Lampard joked, “We haven’t bought anyone yet.

“But to answer that seriously, I have very open conversations with Marina [Granovskaia], and she’s speaking to the owner. I can speak to either of them, but mainly Marina, and then the scouting department and Petr Cech.

“And I sit with my staff daily, for hours, and we talk about how we can improve. And of course at points, you start to think about the longer-term future. So the conversations have been very open to this point, so I’m happy with it. But of course, we haven’t bought anyone.

“Of course when it comes to recruitment I want to have a big say in it and we’re very open.”

Former Chelsea managers, Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte have voiced their opinions about the club’s transfer strategy. Lampard wants a bigger role than that as he added, “Yes [I can have an influence], but then if I say, ‘can I have Mbappe, Messi and Ronaldo as my front three’ that might get knocked back, do you know what I mean?

“And I wouldn’t say that, but it’s obviously a balance where I can put forward the recommendations and have an open conversation with the owner, and hope that we move forward in the right direction. I’m very open about that.

“If I start to look at where we can strengthen the squad it’s certainly not going to be any slight on the young players or anything.

“I just think we all here have seen this summer, and what’s happened since the summer, that the idea of going into the academy and giving these boys a chance was a really good one, because they’ve deserved it. And they haven’t been given that so much in the past.

“So I do think maybe we’ve changed their minds (the club) a bit on that one.

“Of course we need to stay competitive, that will never change. But I think people have been very pleased to see that, and I certainly have.

“I remember moments where the club made certain big money signings, like Fernando Torres coming to the club, statement signings; they were always exciting. When you’re a player at a club and you want to be successful and you push and push, you do get excited by players coming in.

“So I always think it’s healthy, and it’s par for the course at a club like Chelsea. You shouldn’t expect it to be any other way. It keeps you on your toes and I think that’s always a good thing.”

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