Frank Lampard Demands Chelsea Improvement After Narrow Victory

Frank Lampard has a fired a warning to all Champions League contenders after guiding Chelsea through to knockout round.

After securing a 2-1 win over LOSC Lille, Lampard said, “I don’t mind the idea of taking on a big team. That is what the Champions League is all about.

“We should be happy we are through and whoever comes our way we will give it our all against them. That is the beauty of the Champions League. It is such a high level. The things our young players learn from these big games are going to be invaluable in their careers.

“For me, though, getting through the group stages is a huge thing, not just for myself and the players, but for the club. This is a big club and it is great to be able to meet those expectations that we have created here.”

Lampard would like to see his team improve after only sneaking into the round of 16. He added, “I was interested to see our attitude and how we approached the game and it was all there.

“We completely dominated the first half and at half-time we were very comfortable. It was then a case of can we push on and in the second half we didn’t manage to do that. So it’s going to be a work in progress. With the young players we have in this side there will be bumps in the road.

“I push them and can be quite hard on them, setting the high standards I want to see them reach, but at the same time I have to be patient. Today was a sign of how much work we still have got to do. It should have been a calmer finish to the game and that is the biggest thing, for me, that we need to improve.”

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