Frank Lampard Could Get Sacked If Poor Form Continues

Chelsea chief, Marina Granovskaia could encourage Roman Abramovich to sack Frank Lampard if poor form continues.

Chelsea quite nearly ended their Champions League hopes by losing 3-0 to Bayern Munich in the round of 16 first leg tie.

While the players took a brunt of the blame, Lampard was also critcised for his team selection. However, the one incident which has put him under fire at Stamford Bridge is a transfer disagreement with Marina Granovskaia.

“Roman Abramovich usually gets twitchy fingers when things start to go wrong, he’s not a man to tolerate bad results for very long,” Duncan Castles said on the Transfer Window podcast. “I think Chelsea are on eight home defeats this season already, which is a remarkable number given how strong they’ve been at the Bridge in past years.

“I think that the individual that Lampard has to be most worried about is Marina Granovskaia. There was essentially a conflict between Granovskaia and Lampard over the January transfer market when Chelsea had a lot of money available to them to spend.

“When Lampard wanted reinforcements, when Granovskaia wanted to spend money on the team and was working on certain deals that Lampard wasn’t happy with, you ended up in this stand off where nobody came into the club. I think Lampard basically tested his strength against Granovskaia in that market and at best it came out as a goalless draw.

“If Granovskaia continues to have doubts about Lampard and he continues to have this lack of success in home matches and more importantly should that translate into missing out on the Champions League, then the chances of Abramovich being encouraged to twitch those fingers are certainly greater.

“I think Lampard has a great interest himself in finding out what Abramovich’s current thinking on the matter is. It’s certainly not been a good start to 2020. I think he’s under pressure and I think he’s aware he’s under pressure and I think he’s aware they need to improve performances and more importantly improve results in this tail end of the season. Getting into next season’s Champions League is going to be a mark of whether this is regarded as a successful first season for Chelsea or not.”

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  1. Gravnoskaia has always been a torn in the flesh for sometimes now, I think she’s been given more power than she can weild


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