Frank Lampard asked to change his tactics

Frank Lampard has been told Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud are not good enough.

According to former Arsenal player Stewart Robson, Chelsea forward duo Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud are not ideal to lead the line for the Blues.

He thinks that Lampard’s attacking setup is not working well as it should even though they lost only one game in the Premier League this season.

Robson told ESPN FC: “Well I always think that when [Lampard] bought Timo Werner, he bought [Hakim] Ziyech and he’s got [Christian] Pulisic in the side, he bought Kai Havertz, that he thought Pulisic would play on the left-hand side, Timo Werner through the middle and Ziyech on the right-hand side.

“But when teams press Chelsea, and I’ve seen it in Serie A this season, and you’ve got three small front players, when the team have to bypass the midfield and go into the front, there’s nobody that can hold it up, and that’s what Frank Lampard’s had a problem with so far this season.

“That’s why he’s playing Tammy Abraham as the centre-forward and sometimes bringing Giroud on, but I’m not sure it’s working at the moment.

“Neither of those players in my view are good enough to lead the line for Chelsea.

“Tammy Abraham, his movement isn’t good enough, he’s got the awareness of where to find space.

“He’s a good, skillful player and I’m sure he’ll get better, but he needs a lot of work in how to find space in the box, how to receive the ball with his back to goal, how to receive it with balls played over the box.

“And Giroud, I’m afraid, is non-athletic anymore and he doesn’t win enough balls in the air.

“So it’s either Abraham or getting Timo Werner back into the middle. Frank Lampard thinks it’s better with Abraham.”


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