Gordon Strachan believes Chelsea are over-reliant on Eden Hazard and that’s a problem.

Former Scotland manager Gordon Strachan believes and warns Chelsea that they are too reliant on star forward Eden Hazard.

The 28-year-old has been an integral part of the progress Maurizio Sarri’s men have made this season. He has scored 12 goals and supplied 10 assists in 24 league appearances, which is at par with the best.

Speaking on the Sky Sports The Debate show, Strachan said: “Do you think they’re too reliant on him?

“When I watch them now, it’s like the rest of the team are a backing for Hazard and they play his way.

“There’s a level where you go below and you’re playing against a lot of worse players than you.

“You can’t keep that kind of exciting level all the time.

“In this country it really is hard work every week in terms of playing against teams.

“When I watch Chelsea just now, I think, it’s like even the real good players are like, ‘I’ve got the ball, where is he?’

“It’s an unofficial movement but they go through him.

“I think they’re so reliant on him that it might be they get that money then you can make a more rounded team rather than they just seem to be waiting on Hazard picking up the ball.

“And by the way as a supporter you love it watching it. You love it watching it.

”But I just think they’re so reliant on this one player.”

Chelsea face defending champions Manchester City at the Etihad tomorrow. Hazard would need to step up if they are to get anything away.

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