Former Liverpool star claims Gary Cahill snubbed a move to Fulham because he thinks Sarri is going to be sacked

Stephen Warnock makes an audacious claim about Gary Cahill

Former Liverpool and England defender Stephen Warnock believes Gary Cahill snubbed the opportunity to join Fulham because he thinks Maurizio Sarri is on borrowed time at Stamford Bridge.

Cahill was expected to join Chelsea’s west London rivals Fulham in their relegation battle but the 33-year-old opted to stay at Stamford Bridge despite Maurizio Sarri making it clear that he is not in his plans.

Warnock told 5Live: “The players are coming out now and challenging Sarri whereas they didn’t challenge Pep, they agreed with everything Pep said because they knew it was the right thing to do.

“Now with Sarri, when we go back to the Gary Cahill incident at this moment in time, he must be sat there thinking, ‘I’m not going because I’m getting a sense of something in this changing room that the players are not having this.’

Ian Denis added: “Cahill rejected an opportunity to go to Fulham so Cahill is going to be staying at Stamford Bridge then he’ll asses his option in the summer.”

Maurizio Sarri has previously admitted that Cahill can’t expect much game time under him.

“I respect him very much because he has won everything with this club, but then I have to do my job,” he explained.

“Every match I have to choose.

“For me, it is not [possible] to have him on the bench.

“Maybe he is the best [of our defenders] in the box, but our defenders may play 100 or 110 balls in a match so I need defenders [to play] very technically.

“It is not my decision, it is up to him and the club [whether he stays].

“He is in the last year of the contract, he has to decide for a new contract here or another club.

“For the [players] over 30 the club usually offers only one year of a contract.

“If he has an offer of three years [somewhere else] he can, of course, choose something.

“It doesn’t depend if I am sentimental or not.”

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