Fabregas defends unfair criticism of Chelsea
Cesc Fabregas' Monaco Move On Hold As Chelsea Searching Replacement

Cesc Fabregas has defended Chelsea against what he feels is unfair criticism of the club in the recent racism allegation affair.

The Spaniard believes that racism should be harshly treated with and wants football to be free of it but has said it is unfair to single out Chelsea in this matter as the disgraceful practice of racism is active all over European clubs in most fan bases.

“It’s easy to point now at the Chelsea supporters that did that,“ he said. “But unfortunately this happens in many places. It’s true it happened this weekend, we cannot deny that, but to point the finger at one football club because of that I think it’s really unfair.”

“There’s an investigation, the club is dealing with this very, very well. Whatever needs to be done will be done. I’ve no doubt about that. I don’t know who is responsible for these things but, once again, I cannot accept or I cannot agree with this. This happens to all football clubs.”

“There’s always insults; I’ve had so many of them over the years when you warm up and even jokes. That’s fine for me. When we cross the line with racism, it’s too far, shouldn’t be allowed. The people that get caught, they will be punished and they will be taught a big lesson in their lives.”

Just like with his 50 yard passes, the Spaniard is on-point here as well.

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