Fabregas Chooses His Preferred FA Cup Winner

Having had the opportunity to play both Arsenal and Chelsea, Cesc Fabregas chose which club he’d like to win the FA Cup.

The question wasn’t an easy one though – he hesitated – and finally picked Arsenal, mainly because it’s true that Mikel Arteta has a tougher job on his hands than Frank Lampard does with Chelsea at the moment.

“Arsenal need it more,” Fabregas told the Daily Telegraph. “Chelsea basically every year has won a trophy, so it’s a different animal in this case.

“In terms of trophies, Arsenal needs it more and for confidence for next year and getting into Europe. Chelsea are in the Champions League and Arsenal has nothing at the moment.”

Fabregas also highlighted the difference between playing for the Gunners and the Blues.

“At Arsenal and it was maybe my fault at some point as the  captain that I was, I loved the beautiful game.

“I was not very experienced like I was when I went back to Chelsea.

“I always liked to have the ball and demand the ball in difficult areas, even when winning 1-0 and playing for the league, you still want to do the same thing, because you are young and, in this case, a bit stupid in certain  situations.

“But every player felt the same, that this was the only way to win.

“Sometimes we forgot that to win leagues, you need to win ugly.

“There are always five or six games a season where you struggle but win.

“At Chelsea, we did that. We were very competitive and very experienced. That’s the main difference.

It is, however, pretty evident he loves both clubs dearly, even though he picked Arsenal to win the FA Cup title.

He said: “My heart belongs to both clubs. I know it sounds politically correct but it is what I feel.

“When I was with Arsenal, I never believed I could feel what I did towards Chelsea.

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