EPL clubs' target attacked by German media

The German media has never been kind to the players who have shown off.

In fact they have been nothing short of rude.

Last year when Frank Ribery was found eating at the $240 restaurant of “salt bae”. The Germans found the incident extravagant and unnecessary. 

Well news flash guys, footballers are rich, successful and popular. 

They did it to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as well. The Gabon international showed off his collection of cars on his Instagram and was immediately picked on by the German media. 

It seems some hateful country of media personnel who are clearly jealous of other people’ success and portray it under a fake banner of equality.

They have done it yet again. This time to Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea target – Jadon Sancho.

The 19 year old kid who has come from England was celebrating his time off by eating at at the same fancy restaurant Ribery was found in eating last year.

This kind of news will only make Sancho want to move back home even more. 

The clubs like Chelsea and Barcelona and Liverpool will be keen on landing him and the German media are making it all too easy.

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