Emerson hurting because of my decisions - Tuchel

Emerson played his first Champions League game under the new boss Thomas Tuchel last night.

And with his first touch of the match, he smashed home a drive into the far post to reassure Chelsea’s win on the night.

Tuchel was expectedly a happy man and this is what he had to say about the overlooked Brazilian defender.

“I’m so happy for him. The guy suffers all the time from my decisions,” Tuchel said.

“We have three players for one position with Marcos Alonso, Ben Chilwell, and Emerson. Since we started to play with a back three and chose different players so he only had the chance to show up in one cup game, which he did.

“After some days where he needed to settle to new information and a new style he is training with an unbelievable effort.

“He is one of the nicest guys you can imagine. He’s always friendly, has unbelievable qualities. It was necessary to give him a reward and give him some minutes as a thank you for his attitude.

“It is the perfect example, you see what comes back, we get such a big reward, everybody celebrating and everybody happy for him because I truly believe everybody in the group feels what he is doing for the group.

“It is not easy because he puts his personal situation aside and he plays his role which is to give 100% be super professional and at the same time super nice. Never let anybody down with a bad mood. This is fantastic.

“I need to find new rewards for him. I said that to him that I am very happy and grateful and thankful for him that he could show up today and it is a pleasure to have him.”

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