David Silva hails Lampard as the best Premier League player ever!

When you think of the highest scorers in the Premier League, who comes to your mind?

Well, of course, there are the Wayne Rooneys, the Thierry Henrys, and Kun Agueros. There is also a certain Frank Lampard. The list is full of greats of course. However, Lampard’s achievement deserves extra merit because he was never supposed to score so many goals. He was a midfielder, unlike the rest who were all attackers. 

Lampard made it commonplace for a midfielder to score 20 goals a season, something the world has not seen since and probably will not do so for a long time. 

David Silva, the Manchester City legend and World Cup winner, has now hailed Lampard.

“There have been many, but I’ll say, Frank Lampard, especially because I played at the same time as him for many years.

“Apart from the statistics, he racked up and how he played, he’s an incredible person,” replied Silva.

Lampard ended his Chelsea career with 211 goals, a club record. He is now the highest-scoring midfielder ever in the game. He hung up his boots with 294 goals, a record unlikely to be broken by a midfielder. 

It is a fitting praise for a player who made the Premier League a better place with his football. 

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