Conte has his take on Lampard's management at Chelsea

Former Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has expressed his judgement on Frank Lampard as a manager.

“I think that the club wants to come back to win. I think, honestly, now in this moment Chelsea is a really good team, a strong team, a large squad to face many, many competitions. They worked very well and in this moment they have many, many players,” Conte told the Telegraph. 

“I remember when I arrived at Chelsea and the situation wasn’t this. Because I remember in my first season, we faced the season with only 16 players. But, in this year, the club worked very well. I know they are doing a really good job because I continue to follow Chelsea. I am a fan.

“Lampard is, for sure, doing a good job and he knows very well the club because he’s a legend for Chelsea. I think it was the same when I started with Juventus because I knew very well the club and the way that you had to follow to reach your target. Lampard is the right coach for Chelsea.”

Lampard has seen Chelsea reinvest heavily in the market after a few seasons away from the top of the table.

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