Christian Pulisic talks about Bundesliga and moving to London
Photo: Bildbyran

Following a £64m move, Blues’ American winger is adapting to life in London.

Christian Pulisic, as quoted by the Metro, concurs with the thought that Premier League is a physical league.

“It is a very physical league as people say here. The games have been very intense, every game has presented its own challenge, every team is different. The Bundesliga was also a brilliant league. I can’t say it wasn’t because they are all good teams and every game was tough, but there are a few differences but nothing major that I am not used to.”

Pulisic also responds to the notion that he is direct Eden Hazard replacement, “I have heard people say that. But it is not how I look at it. It should not be how anyone does because Hazard was a club legend and he did amazing things here and he is an unbelievable player, but I am coming here as a known player and I am going to show everyone what I can do and play the best I can, for myself and for the club, and that is all I can do.”

Pulisic says that life in London is very different from life in the USA.

“London is amazing, it is quite a big city. Dortmund wasn’t the biggest city but a nice city but I am really happy to be here and I am definitely enjoying that side of things.”

“The American culture is a lot different than really anywhere in Europe, the food you can get, the people, everything was a bit different.”

“Going to Germany was a big shock for me but definitely coming here is a lot more similar to how it is in the US. Obviously not the same but a lot more similar.”

Pulisic will be hoping to play a lot more than he is. He has played just 277 minutes this season. He was an unused substitute against Liverpool this weekend.


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