Christensen talks about Tuchel's impact at Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel has had an instant impact at Chelsea.

One of the players who has benefitted the most is Andreas Christensen. Here is what he had to say about the new boss’ impact at Chelsea.

“I have played four games in a row now and it has been a while since I’ve done that. All the manager says is just be comfortable.

“If you don’t need to play the ball, you don’t have to. Wait for someone to come and take the ball, don’t take last-second decisions, know what you’re going to do and make it happen.

“He just said to us to be comfortable and believe in ourselves. I have played in the middle of the three before and I’m quite comfortable there. At the moment, when we are playing good football and getting wins, it is helping us so we don’t have to do too much to change it.

“I think when the group came back together, we had one goal, ever since the dip, when we felt the dip coming.

“We all have had the same goal. It is not just about aiming for top three or top four. We just wanted to get back on track and we knew that if we did that then anything was possible.”

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