Chelsea's trial of ‘robot-referee’ for Club World Cup

Chelsea FC will become the first Premier League club to trial FIFA’s new ‘robot referee’ technology at the Club World Cup

The ‘robot-refs’ will be tested at the Semi-Finals at Chelsea on February 9th. FIFA is hoping that the newest technology to bless the sport would make decisions easier.

It has the “potential to give fresh information for coaches, medical personnel, and spectators” in addition to the referees.

Following a successful spell at the Arab Cup, the ‘robot referee’ might be adopted for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, using 12 cameras on the stadium’s roof to track the movement of all the players and the ball.

In addition, the system intends to make automated offside rulings in less than  half-second.

It is also claimed that the technology will be available to club backroom personnel to “analyse the action from the perspective of a single player on the pitch, scrutinise a match-changing moment from the right angle, or gain a bird’s-eye view of the pitch.”

Virtual Assistant Refereeing, or VAR, as the well-known dread acronym is now called, has come under heavy criticism since its introduction two years ago.

It’s a win-win if the experiment is successful and allows football to regain the balance of minimum disturbance while still providing officials with the resources and assistance they need to make the game fair and deliver just judgements.

Chelsea FC are set to created history tomorrow.


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