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Chelsea Will Face Real Madrid In Quarter Finals Of Champions League: What To Expect?

The Champions League quarter-finals draw has concluded today and we have wonderful games to look forward to at this stage of the elite European competition. Last season Chelsea and Real Madrid met in the semi-finals and Chelsea defeated the most successful European football club in a surprisingly easy fashion. But that was last year. What can we expect this spring? Honestly, this match is a bit of a mystery. We can expect a lot of things when it comes to odds at and today we won’t predict the final score. However, we will discuss the game and the things we can expect to see on the pitch. Here are the things you can expect from Chelsea vs Real Madrid match.

Strategic Battle Between Thomas Tuchel And Carlo Ancelotti

When you see a match between Chelsea and Real Madrid, you may expect to see a lot of goals. Especially because both teams play beautiful football. However, because of the importance of the match, coaches will have to be more careful. That is why we will probably see a strategic battle between the coaches rather than attacking football. That, of course, doesn’t mean that the game will be bad to watch. Thomas Tuchel and Carlo Ancelotti are among the best coaches in the world and watching their strategies will be a treat.

Reece James May Be The Most Important Man On The Pitch

Ever since Thomas Tuchel arrived at Chelsea, the wing-backs have had the most important role in the club. That is simply the way he likes to do things. With all due respect to Ben Chilwell and Cesar Azpilicueta, Reece James has been the best wing-back at the club. He has been diligent in defense, but his creativity in the attack is what has made Chelsea one of the best clubs in England. If he manages to play his game in this match, Real Madrid will definitely struggle.

The Midfield Battle

Most people ask who will score the goal, Benzema or Lukaku? But that’s not the most important thing when it comes to this match. The most important battle will happen in the midfield. Just look at the names like Modric, Casemeiro, Kante, and Jorginho. It’s safe to say that the club that wins the midfield battle will win the match. One thing is for sure, this will be a wonderful match to watch.

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