Chelsea Will Attract Better Signings, Thanks To Champions League

Lampard believes that qualifying for Champions League will attract new recruits to Stamford Bridge.

It will definitely be easier to sign new and better players, seeing that Chelsea is in Champions League – which players would love to have a chance to play in.

Asked if reaching the Champions League will make recruitment easier, he said: “In brutal honesty I would say yes. Not to say exactly where that will go, because that’s not a conversation today off the back of the game straight away.

“We know that the economics of the Champions League are big, we know that.

“We know the prestige, top players want to play in the Champions League.

“The top players that are here already, even the young players, they want to play in the Champions League.

“To get too far ahead of ourselves and to be concerned for what it might mean from the outside is not a question for today, it’s a question for the players that have produced today.

“But if we’re looking to recruit in certain areas then I think it may help, but those are conversations for after Arsenal, after Bayern Munich, see how we go, because now we’ve had a good year, we want to have a better year next year.

“So we’ll try to better ourselves in any way possible.”

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