As the transfer season draws to a close, things are once again heating up at the Bridge.

Chelsea of late have seemed to made it their habit to wait till the 11th hour before taking any action in the transfer market.

The strategy started with the signing of Alonso and Luiz in the 2016 deadline day. The success of perhaps these two signings gave Chelsea the boost in confidence they needed to sign on the deadline day.

They play an intense game of poker with the opposition clubs waiting to see who blinks first in order to get them the best deal possible.

However, looking at the flip side of it, it does not allow the coach and the management side of the club to get into work right away. As the season marches on, the manager is left to stand alone looking foolish, knowing very well his club are stalling time at the expense of him losing matches and ironically for which he will be blamed later.

The same is happening with Chelsea chasing Barella as the club appeared to have played it too cool and now are being asked to pay up £50 million for a relatively unproven midfielder!

Hats off to these geniuses in the Chelsea board room!

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