Chelsea told Ronaldo won't make their starting XI

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly wants to leave Old Trafford this summer.

The Portuguese superstar has been heavily linked to Chelsea in the past few days after he expressed his desire to leave Old Trafford in the summer.

Man United are adamant that Ronaldo is not for sale but new Chelsea owner Todd Boehly reportedly wants to make a statement signing and has offered £14million for the 37-year-old.

Ronaldo just has one year remaining on his contract but former Blues defender Glen Johnson warns Chelsea from signing the Real Madrid legend.

Johnson told “I think it depends on the rationale of why you want to sign Cristiano Ronaldo.

“If you’re signing him because you think you’re getting the Ronaldo of old then you’re deluded. But if you’re signing him because he’s a massive commercial deal and you’re going to earn an absolute fortune in shirt sales and sponsorships, then in that sense it’s a clever deal.

“The only man that can answer that is Boehly himself regarding why he wants to sign him. I know he’s got no experience in football, but people who do buy football clubs are successful at whatever it is they do and they’re clearly intelligent people.

“You don’t buy a football club without a plan. I do believe if they were to buy Ronaldo that it’ll be more from a commercial perspective than getting him into their starting eleven.”


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