Chelsea To Make Move For £20m Man City Defender

Chelsea are reportedly gaining interest in Man City defender John Stones.

Stones has had a difficult season at Man City, being riddled with injuries and losing Guardiola’s faith in him. However, Lampard is convinced that he can turn the defender around under his tutelage and make him a greater player than he was at City. 

Further, Chelsea seek to snag him at a low-priced deal of £20m, since his performance is down at City and they won’t be putting too high a bid on the centre back.

Pep Guardiola, however, has completely given up on Stones. He had said about Stones back in July, regarding his transfer this summer – and he didn’t deny it.

“On the transfer market [and its issues] we speak at the end of the season,” Guardiola had said. “[But] I’ve said many times I’m more than delighted with John as a person, as a pro, everything. What I want is the best for him. We’ll speak at the end of the season about what is going to happen.

“Sometimes my wish is not the wish of the players, or the wish of the situation for the club. At the moment [if] I will feel it, if we have to change, we’ll talk to them. He’s a young player and we want him to be consistent, to train and recover. There are players who can play every three days for 11 months, others struggle more to be fit and we try to find the key to playing every three days.”

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