Chelsea to come in big this summer for Declan Rice

Declan Rice and Chelsea have a love affair that has always appeared destined to finish with him returning to Chelsea

Declan Rice’s future is uncertain, which has alarmed all the major clubs, including Chelsea. This summer’s transfer is a possibility because Chelsea is rumoured to have a long-term interest in him.

Naturally, he began his professional career in the club’s academy, but Chelsea chose to release him—a choice they have likely come to regret ever since.

But Rice has recently been extensively linked to Chelsea in every transfer window, and it just might truly happen this summer. With his contract expiring and no plans to sign a new one, West Ham will find it extremely difficult to attempt to hold onto him in the summer.

Chelsea may finally seize their opportunity. According to sources at Si & Dan Talk Chelsea today, it appears that they will. Or they’ll at least be making a lot of effort. Actually, a source claimed that Chelsea would make a “major play” for Declan Rice this summer.

There is a tonne more intimate information about Chelsea’s enormous transfer plans for the upcoming two transfer windows in the piece as well.

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