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According to reports in England, Chelsea are eyeing appointing Frank Lampard as their manager provided Maurizio Sarri joins Juventus this summer. Several recent reports state that Sarri is on the brink of moving to Juventus as the club wants to replace him following the departure of Massimiliano Allegri.

The 60-year old has reportedly told Chelsea that he wants to go to Italy, citing family reasons. It seems that Juventus are close to signing Maurizio Sarri. Hence, Chelsea are looking to replace Sarri with Frank Lampard provided the former departs from Stamford Bridge.

Frank Lampard is perhaps the greatest Chelsea player of all-time. He played for the club from 2001-2014 and left the club as their top scorer. Lampard has a very good understanding of Chelsea and its culture. Hence, he would be a good fit for the club. The one thing that could go against him is the fact that his managerial experience is very low. However, the fact that he did pretty well with Derby County skews in his favour.

Besides, it goes without saying that Chelsea have better players and Lampard could have succcess at Chelsea provided he becomes their manager.

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