Chelsea team won't be distracted by club sale

Sean Dyche believes Chelsea won’t be any less of an opponent following club sale.

Roman Abramovich confirmed his intention to sell Chelsea after the club’s 3-2 win over Luton Town on Wednesday.

Burnley boss Sean Dyche claims that the ownership saga will not be on the player’s minds and won’t really matter to them.

He said: “I doubt it. They’ve still got some top players.

“I didn’t think they overly struggled at Luton, I thought Luton gave a very good performance and Chelsea, as they do, found big moments because they have big players.

“I think anything that does affect them, if it does affect them, is helpful. But I don’t really see that they’ve suddenly become a bad team or anything. They’ve got some fine players, that’s for sure, so I’m thinking they’re still going to be a solid outfit as a minimum.

“Even in what people have described as an indifferent run, they’ve only lost one in 10 (league games). I think that’s a fair reflection on the fact they’re still a powerful side.”


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