Chelsea Stars Reveals His Extra Training Routine With Frank Lampard

Mason Mount admitted to staying after hours to train with Frank Lampard on his shooting.

The 19-year-old could not have asked for a better guide to get him into the list of best shooters in the Premier League.

Currently, Ruben Neves is considered one of the top long-distance shooters in England followed by the likes of Paul Pogba and Granit Xhaka. Mount has shown a versatile ability to both create goals from midfield and also to score from close spaces.

As he continues to develop his game, refining some of his other qualities will help him reach the next level of being a top professional.

“After training, we do some finishing sometimes,” Mount told Sky Sports. “I’m obviously talking to him every day, especially after the games – what I can do better, where I can make the runs and where I can get into the box.

“I’m always speaking to him and trying to learn things every day, mostly after training doing finishing. There is no better person to learn from than him.”

The fact that Mount knows the opportunity he has at his fingertips makes it out on how good this lad truly is. He surprised many when he got included in the opening day fixture against Manchester United and that too in the starting XI.

The Englishman did not take long to justify his selection as he scored an exquisite goal against Norwich City last month and also quickly made himself the creative hub of this young Chelsea side.

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